Giant Slalom & Eurotest Training - Snoworks PRO
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Giant Slalom Race Training

Snoworks PRO is excited to have taken over the running of our Giant Slalom race training program from Snoworks, and are looking to make it bigger and better than it already was, alongside head coach Euan Gardiner & Jenny Yates we will help you all train Giant Slalom to prepare for the NEW ISIA Speed test, Masters and FIS races


  • NEW ISIA Speed test training *
  • Price drop 1-week training price ‘down’ from £280pw to £250pw!
  • Group size reduction ‘down’ from 10 per group to just 8!
  • Invested in the latest ‘Brower’ timing system for live on-course timing, offering immediate and valuable feedback.
  • Race Support! The personal touch increased. We will be there for the full journey; on snow, off snow and race support on the big day.
  • Course quality – With max 8 per group our race courses will; hold up better for longer, increase personalised attention and feedback, more runs, less ruts, less slipping!
  • Two video analysis sessions a week.

Autumn 2022 we are proposing the following 4-Weeks

Oct 31st – Nov 4th

Nov 7th – 11th

Nov 14th -18th

Nov 21st – 25th




£250 pw


The ISIA Speed Test is a required component of the ISIA Card certification. The card is the highest level of International Snowsports certification.

The openers are racing skiers who have achieved 50 FIS points (+/- 10%) in the current or past winter season. At least 2 openers will race at the beginning and at the end of the race. If an opener drops out of the race, they must repeat it.

The pass times for the race are:- 

Male = 12.5%

Female = 17.5%

Further details on the test can be found here –

This is a NEW addition to the fantastic race training program we offer here at Snoworks PRO, if you have or are training for your ISIA (BASI level 3) then this will add value to your qualification and employability.

Coaching Details

Training is Monday to Friday all day during glacier ski open hours in gates or alternative training will always be provided if the weather does not permit. We also include regular video analysis. Every Friday a comprehensive race is run with electronic timing to replicate the ISIA Speed test as closely as possible and prepare mentally to achieve optimum performance. 


As part of our commitment to BASI members, we have subsidised the training fee for BASI members only and members of equivalent associations. Snoworks PRO staff have all gone through this process and fully understand the cost implications and thus try to offer the best price packages and value for money in this marketplace.


The ISIA Speed test is an integral part of the ISIA recognition and will add an additional layer of employability to your BASI level 3 by giving you the ISIA card in addition to the ISIA stamp current received at BASI Alpine level 3.


We offer coaching for ski instructors just beginning their ISIA Speed test journey with no previous race experience, through to those closing in on the test level. Please contact us to chat about your specific level, experience and requirements.


For those of you looking to train towards Masters races or FIS then we are ready to help you achieve your personal goals. Please contact us for a bespoke program to suit your training needs.

Race Support

Maximise your performance to be at your best for game time, by letting our coaches absorb any race day stress.

Travel: – Taken to and from the ISIA Speed tests saves energy and decreases stress as part of a team

Train/Freeski: – Train or free-ski on the actual race hill where possible before your big day.

Bib collection: – Have someone on your side who knows when and where to be, and can sort any unforeseen problems so you can stay focused on the task at hand.

Race Day: –  Warm up with the coach, inspection and race tactics made, skis prepped with fast wax, put in the start gate race-ready.

Most of all race support allows you to charge out of the start gate the very best you can be! Stress free and ready to perform to the maximum.

Fitness and preparation

A specific and progressively structured fitness programme will be delivered as an integral part of this training program on a minimum of two afternoons per week, with further programs and advice available at your request. At this level, you will all be well versed in your own personal fitness programs, but please contact us for help and development in this field. The fitter you are the better chance you have of reaching the level. Also please see our 6-week fitness prep program on You Tube and read our selection of fitness Blogs.