Slalom & Test Technique Training - Snoworks PRO
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Slalom Training For Instructors (Test Technique)

Test Technique is the entry-level slalom test for working as a ski instructor in France. British ski instructors can supplement their BASI level 2 or 3 qualifications with the Test Technique Slalom Test and apply for equivalence for French stagiere status to obtain work with any French ski school that has stagier employment status. Thus, if you have some previous race experience you could do our BASI level 1 & 2 course, your test technique and then work as a paid ski instructor in France.

Dates TBC 2022



£250 pw

What’s New

  • Price drop! 1-week training price ‘down’ from £280pw to £250pw!
  • Group size reduction ‘down’ from 10 per group to just 8!
  • Course quality – With max 8 per group our slalom course will hold up better, for longer, more personalised attention, feedback, more runs, less ruts!

Requirements to attend this training: You must be a subscribed member of BASI or another equivalent ski instructors association.

Previous race training experience: We offer training for ski instructors just beginning their slalom training all the way to those closing in on the test level. Please contact us to chat about your specific level, experience and requirements.

Training details: Training is Monday to Friday all day during glacier ski open hours in gates or alternative training will always be provided if the weather does not permit, we also include regular video analysis. As part of our commitment to BASI members we have subsidised the training fee for BASI members only and members of equivalent associations.

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