Ski Instructor Course | BASI Level 1 and 2 | Snoworks GAP
Our 8 week ski instructor course will have you fast tracked through BASI Level 1 & 2 by Christmas! Ready to work the winter.
Ski Instructor Course
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8 Week Autumn Ski Instructor Course – Fast-Track BASI level 1 & 2

This ski instructor course will get you trained and assessed so that you’ll attain a BASI level 2 qualification on completion. The full 8 week course will take you through the BASI system, improving your personal skiing and develop the skills required to become a ski instructor. During the second week, you will take the BASI level 1 exam and start your journey as a qualified ski instructor. From there, the course focuses on the lead up to the BASI level 2 exam during weeks 7 and 8. The whole course takes place in Cervinia, Italy, including the exam elements –conducted by independent examiners from BASI. If successful on the level 2 qualification, you will become qualified to teach skiing on snow in many different countries.

 OCT 15th – DEC 10th 2022

Cervinia, Italy


Whats Included

  • Expert coaching run by BASI trainers and BASI level 4 instructors.
  • Personal ski development
  • Practical teaching experience
  • BASI Level 1 and 2 examination fees
  • BASI membership and manual
  • 5 full days of coaching a week
  • Ski Pass
  • Small Coaching Groups with a maximum of 10 per coach.
  • Off piste and avalanche safety training
  • Video analysis every week
  • Race training in Giant Slalom gates
  • Ski tuning and servicing skills, learn how to look after your skis and keep them sharp and waxed
  • Off-snow theory sessions
  • Instructor shadowing
  • During your course, you will stay in the fantastic 3* Hotel Astoria
  • This perfectly situated hotel has amazing facilities including ski and boot room, ski servicing area, gym, bar and all en-suite rooms
  • Breakfast 7 days a week
  • A packed lunch Monday – Friday (training days)
  • Evening meals 6 days a week – hearty portions!
  • Twin share basis (single rooms available by request and incurs an extra charge)
  • BASI level 3 scholarship prize – awarded to the candidate that shows the most potential to progress onward through the BASI system. The scholarship* is for 4 FREE weeks of BASI level 3 ISIA training to be taken the following Autumn.
  • Two day First Aid course
  • Personal fitness training every week, ski specific sessions such as plyometrics and core.
  • Job offer after the course in Japan (subject to interview) as well as well as many contacts for jobs in Europe
  • Pro – deals on skis and equipment with our partner Salomon (Please note: we can only get the fantastic ski deal on orders placed before the 3rd September, as this is when we need to have confirmed the order with Salomon)
  • Group airport transfer to and from Milano Malpensa Airport on official course arrival and departure dates
  • Course Mentor who is available 24/7
  • Pre-course fitness program
  • One to one career advice and recruitment assistance sessions
  • End of course party
  • King or Queen of the course prize
  • Flights are not included. Please book flights to coincide with our airport transfers times.
  • Travel Insurance is not included, but adequate cover for all aspects of your course is a requirement. We recommend Mind The Gap Year.
  • Spending money
  • Not all social events (optional)
  • 1 evening meal a week
  • Lunches at the weekends
  • Single room occupancy
Who is this course for?

Who is this course for?

Our courses are perfect for those wanting a once in a lifetime gap year pre or post university, those who want a sabbatical from work, those who want to retrain for a new career as a ski instructor, or because you simply love to ski.

Ability Level Required?

Ability Level Required?

We advise that you have skied 10 or more weeks on snow and are happy on all groomed terrain and to tackle moguls and easy off piste skiing. Please email or call us to make a fair assessment of your current level. 

What is the course like?

What is the course like?

You only have to read some of our detailed testimonials from previous students to get a real insight into the Snoworks Pro experience.

The Schedule


Week 1 is all about getting out there and skiing. Building the team, building the skills and understanding the ‘fundamentals’ of skiing and how to break down the ‘movements’ and ‘skills’ of ski technique. All Snoworks instructors and Pro trainers are passionate All-Mountain ski teachers who will give you the skills and knowledge to become fabulous and passionate ski instructors yourselves. On week 1 we also look into the ‘Central Theme’, which is the BASI progression for teaching beginners, this will put you in a fantastic position for your first level exam.


By now you will have a fantastic grasp of where your skiing level is, understanding ski techniques and breaking down the ‘Fundamentals’. This week allows us to develop the individual aspects that you need to become a rounded and versatile skier and put you in a fantastic position for the level 1 assessments. Also starting this week will be the opportunity for ‘mock’ lessons, as we start to give you the opportunity for structured teaching practice.


This week is your first assessment and as a BASI business partner (British Association of Snowsports Instructors). They provide us with the highest quality examiners, who will join us in Tignes to train and assess you as level 1 ski instructors. It is continual assessment throughout the week, thus giving everyone a perfect opportunity to train and learn the necessary skills and knowledge throughout the week. Snoworks Pro trainers will still be on hand to help with your questions and support.


IMPORTANT: Any students that are unfortunately unsuccessful at BASI level 1 will be given further training on week 4 (instead of ‘race’) and then presented for re-assessment on the Friday in order to be able to continue the remainder of the programme towards and including the level 2 examination. (If this situation were to arise, it will not prevent your chances at full course completion).


Time to step up the speed! Race training is the best way to develop all four of the ‘Performance Threads’ needed for BASI level 2. ‘Technical’ – a full week developing the skills of carving and edge control, perfect for BASI level 2. ‘Psychological’ – increasing your threshold with the buzz of flying past the gates and the progressive increase of speed. ‘Physical’ – our off snow fitness sessions will be nurturing the athlete within you and thus making you a better skier and giving you the competitive edge! ‘Tactical’ – you will gain knowledge about speed and line – the where and when of ski racing (This is giant slalom for all students, unless Test Technique training has been pre agreed) Race will be for a half a day (due to it’s physical intensity) with out of gate training and teaching practice for the other half of the day.


The last two weeks under the Snoworks GAP family umbrella are a fantastic combination of gaining invaluable shadowing hours, both an essential part of BASI 2 and your future as a professional ski instructor. With various different Snoworks courses running you get the opportunity to shadow the lessons, video sessions and day to day running of a busy group lesson environment. Combine this with the opportunity to teach our generous Snoworks clients, who volunteer for ‘free mock lessons’ giving you real time experience and structured practice opportunities. Mix those with continued personal performance tuned to your individual needs in preparation for your final exam, and you will then feel completely ready and prepared for BASI level 2.


The BASI level 2 qualification, which if/when successful will allow you to teach skiing around the world, with potential ski instructor job opportunities in Japan, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.


IMPORTANT: Students that are unfortunately unsuccessful at BASI level 2 will have to take further training following their action plan and then take a re-assessment at their own cost at a later date. Continued support and advice will be given towards the best way to move forward.

Interested in finding out more, please call or email us today!

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