Behaviour Policy - Snoworks PRO
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Behaviour Policy

Please read all the information carefully and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


In order to secure your own safety and enjoy a positive experience in the resort with your fellow students, Snoworks Pro asks every student to agree to, observe and abide, by the code of conduct of our Behaviour Policy throughout the course programme.


1. All students will be respectful of the public and supportive of all resort staff and fellow students. We are all different and have something to learn from everyone.


2. All students will be punctual to both lessons and theory sessions and ensure that they behave in a manner that maintains their own personal safety and the safety of others throughout the programme.


3. There will be no smoking or drinking during the on and off snow sessions.


4. Excessive drinking and disruptive behaviour that then has a knock on effect on the enjoyment and learning environment of other students will resort in a formal verbal warning and a discussion with parents. If the behaviour continues it may result in you being removed from the course permanently.


5. Any unlawful behaviour will result in you being removed from the course.


6. We have a zero-tolerance for drugs. Any drug use or drug possession will result in you being removed from the course immediately without a refund.


7. You are here to learn as well as enjoy. Feedback on performance and behaviour (if required) will be given in a constructive manner. Accept it with good grace and if you disagree please discuss in a respectful and professional manner.


8. Continued lateness, missing sessions, and general unprofessionalism will result in you not receiving a reference for your ski school job applications provided by Snoworks Pro. You are representing both Snoworks Pro and BASI and therefore need be professional at all times.


9. You must ensure your ski equipment is in good condition and regularly maintained.


10. Those staying in our chalet or hotel accommodation will respect the staff, property and personal living space. Please respect each other’s personal property and living space. Keep all public areas clean, tidy and odour free.