Ski Equipment for Snoworks Ski Instructor Training Courses
The right ski equipment is essential to become a ski instructor. Here you'll find everything you'll need for our ski instructor GAP training courses.
ski equipment
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Recommended Kit

When embarking on your road to becoming a professional ski instructor with us, it is very important to have the right kit for the task ahead. Having the right equipment for the courses can increase your chances of success by up to 20%! Below are some basic ‘must have’s’ to give you the best chance of success.


It is essential to have your own skis and once you’re a signed up member of our training team we have the facility to help you with a ski purchase from our sponsors at Salomon UK. At present we highly recommend the Salomon S/MAX BLAST (and X12). If you already have your own skis please contact to discuss their suitability.


Ski poles come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Look for a ski pole with a handle you like the grip of, with a small basket. Measure them by holding them upside down with your hand under the basket on flat ground in flat shoes, your forearm should then be at 90 degrees. That’s about as complex as poles get!

Basic Kit List

  • Skis, boots, poles (own)
  • Helmet (obligatory)
  • Ski clothing (good layering systems)
  • Sports/gym clothing (2 sets of trainers)
  • Swimming kit
  • Social/casual clothing
  • Small rucksack


Again it is at this time that you will need to have your own ski boots, not only to give you the best chances of success but also to add to comfort, performance & professional improvement. Not only do you need boots, you need the right boots. This is a very specialist area and whilst all the Snoworks coaches are highly skilled and knowledgeable, we don’t proclaim to be boot fitters. Our recommended boot fitters are Profeet and Solutions 4 Feet.


Another of the many reasons to join our Fast-Track Level 1 & 2 Course is the free jacket. Each year we choose a high quality technical jacket, logo it up and provide each one of you with one at the course welcome meeting. I would recommend sourcing some nice brightly coloured salopettes to join the jacket we provide as this makes for a nice colour combo (black or dark navy jacket) and looks awesome in the photos and videos. The key to being warm is layers. Whilst cotton t-shirts look cool they don’t wick and aren’t warm. Look for good quality thermal layers. Makes such as Falke, Smartwool, Icebreaker, Helly Hansen. Also Hoodies, fleeces and jumpers are a good mid-layer.