BASI level 3 I.S.I.A Training - 1 to 6 weeks Training Course
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We offer bespoke technical and teacher training courses from 1 to 5 weeks, these are delivered by BASI level 4’s and BASI trainers, that deliver the current BASI level 3 exams. Come and train pre-season on the snow-sure glacier in Cervinia/Zermatt in preparation for your exams this coming autumn, or for your assessments further down the road.


Our coaches will give you lots of feedback and a written action plan that you can then continue to work on and think about during your winter season. You can book anything from 1 to the full 5 weeks of training* Please email or WhatsApp us with your direct questions and training needs and we will help you with your bespoke program planning.

From 1 – 5 WEEKS

Nov 11th – Dec 13th 2024

Cervinia, Italy


£350 pw



We have removed the BASI exam fees from the price, thus giving you the choice to train with or without going for the Zermatt assessment. The accommodation options have also been removed from the price. (We can however offer advice on suitable accommodation choices).


We have matched BASI and changed our training courses from 10 per group to 8 in order to give you the best quality of training and maximise the feedback loop.


Whilst we would highly recommend a block of training of multiple weeks, we have the flexibility and price structures to accommodate your needs from anything between 1 and the full 5 weeks. Email or WhatsApp us for bespoke programmes.


We offer FULL days of training with a lunch break, these hours are dictated by the opening hours of the glacier, but we will train all day.


  • This course is primarily about high-level performance skiing, which will set you up perfectly for success on the exams
  • We give you the knowledge, skills and understanding of the standards needed for the examination
  • Your time will be divided for skill developments in ‘piste performance’ ‘moguls’ and ‘variables/off-piste’
  • Pre-season training provides perfect terrain. Pistes of all gradients, great bumps and as winter arrives so will the chance to train variables/off-piste
  •  In addition to this, we will provide you with a greater understanding of the BASI teaching and delivery styles, fundamentals and performance threads needed for both the technical and teaching aspects of the I.S.I.A award
  •  Video feedback sessions for your own personal performance and to help you with skier analysis for the teaching exams
  • Ski tuning seminars and full serving bench and equipment at your disposal
  •  Sports-specific fitness sessions (2 per week)

Interested in finding out more, please call or email us today!