‘Coronavirus’ LOCKDOWN Ski movie watch-list! - Snoworks PRO
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‘Coronavirus’ LOCKDOWN Ski movie watch-list!

It all started on the bike! We should all be on skis, but due to this weird world in which we are currently living, skiing, in fact anything outside for more than an hour here in France is forbidden, thus the game of ‘Virtual cycling’ on ‘Zwift’ is my go to.

Whilst pedalling for 2hrs, or even 20hrs a day is not unheard of in my summers, on the balcony going nowhere it’s a bit dull! Thus watching movies is a must and a great way to fill the time and watch some awesome Skiing.

I grew up watching the ‘Blizzard of Ahhhs’ and dreaming of skiing like Scot Schmidt and Glenn Plake, so watching this 80’s classic again was awesome.

We then posted on the Snoworks PRO Instgram page and asked for our PRO family and followers favourites, and here are the recommended viewings up to the date we posted this blog.

So jump on the static bike, or just grab a beer, kick back and pick a Ski movie from our followers and PRO family recommendations and dream of winter, powder days and the other side of these unprecedented times.

Blizzard of Aahhh’s – 1988 ! Greg Stumps legendary film staring Glen Plake and Scot Schmidt

Eclipse – 2015 Salomon TV Season 9 episode 3

G.N.A.R – 2016 “I can’t believe you are in this movie…I’m SO MUCH better than you!”

All.I.Can – 2011 All.I.Can is a stunning exploratory essay that compares the challenges of big mountain skiing to the challenges of global climate change

Few Words – 2015 Skierman, filmmaker, entrepreneur. Candide Thovex

Claim – 2016 Matchstick brings their award-winning approach to the table in 2008’s Claim

Steep – 2007 Steep explores the history of extreme and Big Mountain Skiing

McConkey – 2013 “McConkey” is a heartfelt examination of the legacy

This is home – 2017 THIS IS HOME chronicles what it means to be a freeskier today

Aspen Extreme – 1993 Two buddies abandon their blue-collar world to become ski instructors

The Fifty project – 2019 Cody Townsend A project to ski the Fifty Classic descents of North America

Here after – 2018 One of, if not the most iconic and influential freeskier in history, Tanner Hall

Afterglow – 2014 Afterglow is being hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever made.

Ski movie 2 ‘High Society – 2001 Matchstick Productions revolutionary feature film 

Maltese Flamingo – 1986 Greg Stump movie freestyle movement begins and is so different that they need pink ski suits

Nuance – 2019 Armada Joint Efforts Vol.2 Phil Casabon X Brady Perron present: Nuance Skis, freeski, Signature Series

Endless winter – 2019 An experiment in sustainable outdoor living presented by Gudbrandsdal Energi. First chapter from Northern Norway.

Les Bronzes ‘Font du ski – 1979 French Fried Vacation 2 is a classic French comedy directed by Patrice Leconte

Attack of La Nina – 2016 chronicles the deepest North American winter in recent history

Free radicals – 2009 The first films shot by Ruben Östlund on the steepest European slopes before he entered film school

Zabardast – 2018 Epic documentary of a group of people going into remote Pakistan to climb and ski/snowboard new peaks

Have one to recommend? Please ping us an Instagram or Facebook message and we will add it to the list.