I.S.I.A BASI Level 3 Ski Instructor Training with Snoworks GAP
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Snoworks Gap Ski Instructor



Ski instructor training to BASI level 3 and beyond!

As SnoworksGAP heads into it’s second year of the I.S.I.A & I.S.T.D level 3 and 4 B.A.S.I pre-season training program we ask one of last years successful trainees ‘Mike Abromowitz’ a few questions about their experience.

I.S.I.A (International ski instructors association)

B.A.S.I (British association of Snowsports instructors)

Mike, please can you tell us why you chose to do the training in a block period over several weeks as opposed to over a season for example?

The main reason was that I couldn’t commit to a whole season of training due to other commitments and the shorter block training of a few weeks was also at an ideal time, just before my Level 3 Technical Exam in Zermatt.

What would you say are the greatest benefits of training pre-season?

I would say the greatest benefit was being able to keep skiing at a good level due to allowing less time to elapse between the northern hemisphere winter seasons as well as being able to come into the season already feeling confident in your skiing.

What would you say are the pitfalls or difficulties of training pre-season and in a block period?

Don’t come in expecting a ‘quick fix’ miracle for your skiing to get you to any required level. You will certainly improve, but the biggest thing is getting more time on snow and then use the block training to fine tune and improve your current skiing standard.

Congratulations on achieving the ISIA technical module following this training camp, what is your next move? Did you teach with it last winter, what’s the plan this season?

Thanks! I did have plans to teach in Verbier last season but due to a number of factors that didn’t eventuate, so I completed the EMS Training course in Chamonix in March and started on my Written Project towards the BASI Level 4 qualification.

This season I will be race training during November and December with a view to taking my first Eurotest in Alpe d’Huez. I will then be teaching and training in Verbier for the season and also taking my EMS exam in March as well as my Level 4 Technical Exam.

Could you list the 3 key benefits of the program you joined please?

  1. Targeted training on specific areas that need improving.
  2. Fantastic training received from a very knowledgeable trainer.
  3. Ideal timing before the season, especially for the November BASI Zermatt courses.


Could you list 1 thing you would like to see change or different to make the program better?

  1. Slightly smaller group (5-6 max to a trainer) rather than the 8/9 we normally had in a group.

​Mike and any one else will be please to know we have taken this feedback on board and now run this program at 8 per group max, as opposed to 10.